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In The Name of Creation

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Creation is but a mere town in the state of Procrastination. Penny C ponders about how others get things done by analyzing her own, odd ways. But before that, care for some tea?

Penny C writes.

I have a question on creation. I don’t mean the kind  that has us all wondering whether the chicken or egg came first. I’m talking about the other kind of creation that requires you to sit down, think and by hook or by crook come up with an idea that can be used in that given situation. My question is this – how do people actually generate ideas and begin a given assignment? Because clearly, people have different working styles and I’m intrigued by this simple matter. Take my particular style (I like to call it that although in reality, it appears nothing close to elegance) for example.

My entire being understands the need to create but somehow my mind rebels against the thought. Is it possible that my mind has a mind of its own and its malicious sub conscious is refusing to make life easy for me, its true owner? If I knew any better, I’d conclude that my brain feeds on procrastination. It’s the sole energy source that stimulates my brain cell growth which I believe, results in rather pointless thoughts that take over and instruct my body to leave my task, get out from my seat and go make a nice cup of tea for the next 15 minutes.

Wait, wasn’t I supposed to be preparing for something? When I realised that I’ve ditched something important for something trivial, it feels as though I was suddenly thrown off the wagon onto the gravel and I’m left stranded on bruised knees thinking, “Damn! What am I doing here?” So my train of thought decides to ride onto another track and believe me, with a mind like mine that’s not often logical, things could chaotic. Seriously, is there anyone else who do things this way? If there are, we need to be friends.

So after that cup of tea, I’m finally ready for work..I think. For me, creation is something that stems from sheer boredom and the occasional hair-pulling-scream-inducing frustration whenever my task is to fill a void in this galactic sphere through a means most refer to as ‘Duty’. The path on which my mind takes to create is similar to an intense board meeting that’s happening backwards. It begins when everyone’s in a frenzy and the final decision is met; the whiteboard is smeared with diagrams and decisions, the desk is messy with files and documents sprawled everywhere and people are ready to pack up and leave. Finally, it all ends with a clean and empty meeting room. Like in my world, I will decide that a task is completed only when I see clarity.

In short, I see the big, cluttered picture first and subsequently begin to break it down into little pieces until I manage to delve through the layers and spot the tiny details that are screaming for my restless attention.

OK, you don’t realise it (neither did I and only discovered in hindsight) but after I wrote the previous sentence, I got up from my seat to get a drink, watched a few minutes of Youtube and found myself back to this piece. Time lost taken – 13 minutes. Only after switching tabs did I remember I’ve left a piece half written and fully stranded. No, I’m not distracted! But who’s to say that I’m doing it wrong because the point is, that’s how how this feature got created. Meh heh heh.

So back to my original question – how do others create? I want to know how others stitch the pieces together to create a masterpiece. I want to know how people get things done. I. Want. To. Know. It doesn’t benefit me at all in any way but it does satisfy a stubborn curiosity that won’t go away until it ultimately finds a sane person who doesn’t do things the way I do.

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