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Stainless by Adam Magyar

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Time stands still. The world slows down. Stainless by Adam Magyar captures life in slow motion. You can see people in mid laughter and eyes barely blinking – all on a platform filled with frozen expressions you can scrutinize. It’s hypnotizing.

Adam Magyar Stainless

 In STAINLESS I scan rushing subway trains arriving to stations. The images record a number of tiny details of this moment. We see people staring towards their destinations standing at the doors framed by the sliding door windows. They are scrutinizing the uncertain future. Similarly to all my images, their main motivation is arrival. The darkness of the tunnels deep below the city turns these chemically clean mock-ups into fossils of our time.

Adam Magyar, Stainless – Shinjuku from Adam Magyar on Vimeo.

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  1. Memorable moments never forgettable. Thanks for sharing.

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