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25 Wrist Tattoos

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There’s always this one question that crosses everyone’s mind at least once in their lives: Tattoos – Should I get one? Yes/No?  

Tattoos are quiet, inspiring artwork that carry stories and hide secrets on a human canvas. It’s been said that wrist tattoos were used to ward off all sorts of illnesses and diseases. But today, many see wrist tattoos as simple inspirations as they brave through stormy weather – a glance at their wrists and hope fuels them. These 25 wrist tattoos exemplify that.

Each one is born with a thought and a tale, memorable and vivid enough to be inked in eternity. Each tattoo is a symbol of a life well lived.

Upside down or not, be cool. Otherwise you’ll be totally missing the point of this entry.

All images from We Heart It.


  1. I love them all!! so tempting.!!

  2. aaaaw! I want one!

  3. Does anybody know what the symbol in number 18 symbolises? I’ve wanted it for a long time just because I love it as a geometric shape. but don’t know what it means and therefore am holding off. thanks x

    • Kellise /

      It’s the harry potter deathly hallows symbol. Good thinking knowing what it means before actually getting it :)

    • cassie /

      its from harry potter. its the deathly hallows. the triangle is the invisibility cape, the circle is the sorcerer’s stone, and the line is the elder wand

      • Shay /

        It’s the resurrection stone. not the sorcerer’s stone.

        • the resurrection stone and the sorcerer’s stone are the same thing -__-

          • harri /

            um, no they’re not, the sorcerer’s stone is what nicholas flamel invented and then destroyed after the first book, the resurrection stone is something that was past down through generations and does something completely different.

          • yakku /

            No its not. The Deathly Hallows were created by Death, the Philosopher’s stone is man-made.

          • 18 is also considered a lucky number in Judaism. It’s called chai, meaning living

          • acctually the sorcerer’s stone was from the second book it was also known as the philosiphers stone. the deathly hollow is indeed the resurrection stone.

          • the sorcerer’s stone was the first book. not the second. the second was the chamber of secrets.

    • Sau Janya /

      looks like some kinda radioactive sign..:P
      i’m not sure though :_)

    • Shahrazad /

      its a symbol from harry potter.

    • Lucy /

      read harry potter :b

    • jim /

      it’s the deathly hallows from harry potter

    • i know its from harry potter, the deathly hallows. but past that, i dont know

  4. Hannah /

    Yes its wonderful! Its from Harry Potter, the deathly hollows symbol. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it, I want it because its my childhood. Harry Potter was my childhood.

  5. fiona /

    “Each tattoo is a symbol of a life well lived.”

    Err, not really. most of these are extremely trendy, and simply instill a slightly romantic and pseudo-“deepness” in people who may not be aware that they’re being mindless trend-wh*res..
    Please be aware that though tiny delecate lettering looks nice when the tattoo is brand new, after about 5 years many of these will be difficult to read, and in 10 years an unreadable blob. Tattooing is what it is, it has its limits, best to work within them and get bolder pieces, than against it and get images that will look terrible, very soon.
    As a tattooist I can tell you with certainty that these ever-so-inspiring, “dramatic hushed sigh” words and quotes on the wrist, across shoulderblade or collarbone, side of foot and beneath bra line are the absolute biggest trend of the last few years, and will surely be to the 2005 – 2015’s what the lame-little-star was to 95-05, the tribal sun was to early 90s, etc. Don’t be lame! Carve your own path or at least get something timeless!

    • Lavinia0211 /

      First of all, sorry for my english !!
      I totally agree with what you said Fiona, even if or rather -because, I have myself a tattoo on the wrist. It’s true that today a lot of people get tattoos because it became “fashion” and don’t realize what it really means to curve something in our skin forever.. Often when friends tell me they want one, I ask them what do they want and why, and they usually answer “oh I don’t know… something in the lower back or the shoulderblade” – exactly like you said. If I personally wanted my tattoo to be on my wrist, it’s because I wanted to be able to see it at any time, but also to be able to hide it to anyone, which is very easy with bracelets or long sleeve sweaters.. the wrist is perfect for this. My tattoo represents two initials in honor of two members of my family, ones of the most important beings of my life.. I needed to feel them physically with me, because I was struggling a lot with the mourning. It wasn’t in the goal of being original or rebel or sexy or whatever. I was simply drowning in my sorrow and this tattoo made me feel stronger.. Only my family knows, a very few friends and stranger can’t see it because I keep it discreet. I understand that people want to get some because it can be really beautiful, but they should keep in mind the power and the meaning of this act…

    • I gotta agree with Fiona’s sentiment about wrist tattoos–namely that, if you’re are going to get one, that they are as long as you live, so you might as well get something not only interesting, but bold and distinctive.

      Which, wrist tattoos generally aren’t.

    • Could not agree more with this.

      I have two tattoos. Neither likely to be had by anyone else, unless they are copied exactly, as I had them designed.

      One is a memorial piece for my grandad. Designed for me by a local artist.
      Each tattoo should mean something to you. And not be gotten just for the sake of it!

  6. wow!!!! they are all beautiful i would also love to have one

  7. Arwen Rose /

    Only 4 months ago I actually got a tattoo on my right wrist. It was a hard decision to make, firstly because of the obvious with it being with me for life. But also because I had no idea what I wanted to get. I was thinking of different quotes that I’d heard but couldn’t decide on a final one because they weren’t very personal to me. I’ve been through a lot in my life and after being diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia Syndrome last year I decided to go with the quote “Turn your wounds into wisdom”, and after hearing it and thinking about it a lot I went through with it. People told me not to, but at the end of the day its my life and I don’t regret it at all. Yes it hurt, but everytime I look down at it I remember to use every single one of my experiences to my own advantage instead of letting it get me down or ruin things for me.

  8. Amanda /

    I myself have 7. Going for another in a month. I live in kentville,nova scotia area. i was when i got my first 1. And i didn’t do it for fitting in. people around here see tattooed people as bad…it’s just how some people view other people. I have 2 paws. Bigger than tonnies 1 on each wrist. I’m only 20 and have more tattoos i want…

  9. Jamie Pope /

    They are all brilliant. I got a scorpion and the scorpio symbol on my wrist 4 months ago now cos ive always been a big believer in horoscopes, and i love being a scorpio. Was warned not to get it on my wrist but to get it on my arm, but i do not regret hetting it there and love it. Its given me the bug to get more elsewhere tho!

  10. They are all so beautiful, very tempting. Just can’t decide on what to get.

    Till Rolls
    Thermal Rolls

  11. Sarah /

    I love love love tattoos I think they are sexy, strong, beautiful, empowering, and vocal!!! If you wanna hate on tattoos that’s fine I for one think that anyone who can get a tattoo is brave and decisive.

  12. awww Awesome!! oll r Fabulous

  13. Lexxi /

    The one that says “alive”
    It’ll be funny when that person dies.

  14. excellent post! I just loved it :)

  15. TwistedBunny970 /

    Yeah, these are great tattoos, if you’re a wannabe hipster thats into Cliche shit. I’m sorry but some of these are dumb af, like “BE THE CHANGE”, and “INSPIRATION”. Ugh, Tattoos should be meaningful things, not some cliche saying, or random fucking word. Smh.

    • Squiver /

      “Be the Change” is a Gandhi quote. It is undoubtedly over-used but it’s certainly not “meaningless”.

  16. They’re all so beautiful. I’m so tempted

  17. sooo tempting

  18. soumil /

    Nice dude i like this

  19. kate /

    The Alice in Wonderland one is brilliant. Well done.

  20. I loved the one with birds flying from one wrist to another. This is the reason I am a fan of tattoos. They say a tattoo designer’s imagination knows no bounds when it comes to creating permanent inking on the body.

  21. I have to disagree with the “hushed sigh” thing. I get what you’re saying… it’s kind of like the “tramp stamp” trend several years ago and the tribal tattoos people were getting. However, I have a tattoo on each wrist and they are deeply meaningful to me (I also have one on each leg). I wouldn’t trade them for anything, and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. I have them as a reminder of the immense struggle I’ve overcome and the intensely hard work it’s taken me to get to the incredible place I am today. Some days I looked at them and wondered if I’d ever get there, some days I knew I was on my way, and some days just served to remind me to keep going. they are on my wrist where I can see them, but because they are on my inner wrists, they are a little more “mine” than for public viewing. All of my tattoos were very well thought out and well-planned, and I was 40 years old when I got the first one. I couldn’t possibly care less what anyone thinks of them, and my comment is not in defense of my own, but just a way of saying that when you see someone with one of those trite expressions tattooed on their wrists, it might not be just something they saw on Tumblr or Pinterest and thought it sounded profound enough to permanently etch into her skin. I’m sure a lot of people do that. But you never know what someone is struggling with that led her to that particular design.

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