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Imagine Finding Me by Chino Otsuka

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Imagine Finding Me by Chino Otsuka could be the closest thing in time travel photography, if there ever were such a thing. Chino Otsuka is a London based photographer who has found a way to meet herself as a child. No we don’t mean the kind where people overlap old photographs at existing places, or do a ‘Now and Then’. This professional uses digital photo manipulations to self impose herself unto her childhood pictures. She has considered the delicate details like shadows, lighting and even grain quality of each photograph in the process of creating these believable memories.
What if, if you bumped into yourself somewhere on the stairs? What if you didn’t really realize you just walked past yourself? They’re all in transitional places, if you noticed, like on bridges, hotels rooms, trains. So again, the whole theme of this traveling is running through.  Things are not quite past or present or somewhere in between and I quite like to show these in-between places. – Chino Otsuka

1982 and 2005, Paris, France


1975 and 2005, Spain


1975 and 2009, France


1976 and 2005, Kamakura, Japan


1977 and 2009, France


1979 and 2006, Japan


1980 and 2009, Japan

imagine-meeting-me-chino-otsuka-1981-2006-Japan1981 and 2006, Japan

imagine-meeting-me-chino-otsuka-1982-2006-Japan1982 and 2006, Japan

imagine-meeting-me-chino-otsuka-1984-2005-France1984 and 2005, France

imagine-meeting-me-chino-otsuka-1985-2005-Tiananmen Square-Beijing-China1985 and 2005, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

imagine-meeting-me-chino-otsuka-1985-2006-UK1985 and 2006, UK

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  1. Overall journey and pics are so beautiful.

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