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Surround Yourself with Good Company

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The new year comes with excitement! We’re eager to fill our days ahead with good things and make 2014 our best year yet! In short, the new year brings us reason to change for the better.


Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.  ― Karl Marx

This also means letting go of company that isn’t doing you any good. No we’re not asking you to ditch friends, but encouraging you to find a balance. The fact is, it’s not enough to go through anything on your own, no matter how strong you think you are. So to stay sane, we’ve 5 ways to surround yourself with good company! Hang around with the people who matter, the ones who love you – your amazing support system. The best part? You may get to be part of someone else’s support system too.

Walk Away
No one likes to be talked down to so don’t be condescending. Being good at what you do doesn’t mean you can behave like an douche, even at the office. Have you had your nose in the air for too long? Stop it. Had enough of people who belittle you? Walk away. Spend more time with people who don’t make you feel like crap. Find the ones who are genuinely nice and share good thoughts. Being alone is better than feeling lonely in a group you’re not comfortable in.

Stop the Insults
We’re no saints. We get angry and the emotions get the best of us. But there are some unnecessary comments that really shouldn’t be made in the first place. If you’re hanging out with someone and he/she starts making snide comments about a total stranger’s attire, appearance or behaviour AND goes on about it, your time with this person isn’t worth it. Are you flawless and made of Photoshop and filters? No. So why would you want to hang around with someone who has a behaviour uglier than someone’s Instagram account?

Because I’m Happy
Do you find yourself complaining about the slightest thing? Stop. Reflect on it and you’d realise you won’t want to hang out with yourself either. Find happy people who have a positive outlook on life. Life can suck but these people don’t let it affect them too much. They laugh a lot, care and share good vibes. These are the ones who know how to live and they’ll probably inspire you to do better too.

Be an Encouragement
There are many ways to encourage people these days. You can do it silently online by ‘liking’ pictures and status or commenting with a thumbs up. When we’re offline, kind words and physical pats on the back do the job. Drop some loose change into the busker’s hat. Drop the people who point out your insecurities. If someone has been an encouragement to you, pay it forward.

Surround Yourself with Goodness
We all deserve to be with people who are reciprocal of our efforts and make us feel appreciated in return. Find the right company and see yourself grow the way you want to. Don’t let the wrong people hold you back. Pick your friends as you would your family. Have a truly wonderful support system to take your through 2014!

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