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5 Simple Ways To Scatter Sunshine

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Give the hopeless a chance to find their conviction, spread goodness and watch it affect others. Scatter sunshine. Let lives, including yours, blossom into something you can look back and share with your friends and future generations with a genuine smile. As cliché as it sounds, it’s really not the destination, it’s the journey and the relationships you form that gives you little happiness as you skip down the yellow brick road of life.

Penny C writes.

1. Be Interested In Others

Be genuinely interested when others share their happiness with you. Be keen to know more about their stories and encourage conversation instead of always wanting to share your own. You’ll find yourself inspired along the way too! Understand where they’re coming from and imagine what it’ll be like if their happiness happened to you. Unlike grief and anger, you can’t bottle happiness inside you. Happiness is infectious; you can’t help but share it with others.

2. Have Multiple Passions

Some find it unsettling to only focus on one passion that makes them happy and sane. Remember this, there’s always more out there waiting for you to discover. More passions = more avenues of happiness. Invest in time and do all the things that bring out a smile in you. Your passions may eventually inspire someone else to find theirs. Expand your current passions and discover new ones. Be curious and scatter your happiness.

3. Use Your Talents

Some talents are stumbled upon while some are achieved through practice. But whatever your talents are and how you’ve developed them, use them because they are what you do best and you don’t have to, as the saying goes, ‘fake it until you make it’. You already know your stuff! You’ll also find yourself learning a lot more and expanding your talents in ways you never could imagine.

  • If you’re ace at craft, do something with it that can help others.
  • If you’re best at being socially connected, host a luncheon with friends and bring people together.
  • If photography’s your thing, take pictures that inspire.
  • If you write, share words of encouragement.
  • If drawing’s all you, create illustrations that make someone’s day.
  • If you sing, touch others with your voice.

4. Re-learn To Share

We get selfish and obsessed because we’re afraid to lose valuable things. Basically, we’re afraid to lose our happiness. But one of the first life lessons we learnt in Kindergarten is to share our stuff with friends and play nice. It’s a pity that we’ve got to reinforce this piece of virtue in our adulthood. Seriously, not wanting to share complicates things, don’t you think? In the corporate world, people tend not to share information; in school, students don’t share study tips; in another part of the world, time isn’t shared with someone utterly needs a shoulder to lean on.

All these happen primarily because we’re afraid to lose out, afraid of seeing others becoming more successful than us. That’s human; but that makes us just like every other human. What about becoming a humanitarian in our own little ways? Spot the difference.

5. Live

Share an encouraging note with someone. Compliment your colleague or the waitress who served you today. Leave a happy note in a library book. Send flowers. Volunteer somewhere. Text an old friend, out of the blue. Tell someone how he/she has made you happy. Help pick up a stranger’s pen when they’ve dropped it. Give a few dollars to the Busker, take his picture, develop it/print it out and give it to him the next day. Gather your friends for a mini donation drive. Say ‘Hi’. Smile.

Live your life and help others live theirs too.

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