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Flipbook of Kisses

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We love Katie for her fantasmic splashes of colour, so we’re sharing one of her DIY projects with you so you can spread the love.

“Does your loved one run after you for a kiss the second you walk out the door? Do they call you at 1 am begging you to come over and kiss them goodnight? Do they stand on the train platform and blow you kisses 30 minutes after your train already left? If so, then this is the perfect gift idea for you!

First, take a picture of yourself blowing a kiss.

Then print a bunch of little pictures and use a red marker to draw one heart on the first picture, two on the second and so on…

Punch holes on the end and tie it together with ribbon. You’ve just made a kiss flip book!”

Flip Book from katie sokoler on Vimeo.

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