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PhotoSketch: Photoshop Got Pwned

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New image manipulation software created by Chinese students takes the Internet by storm.

By Penny K

If like me, you embrace technology but suck at manipulating it, PhotoSketch has got to be your new best friend.

The best thing slice bread, PhotoSketch works like this: it takes a rough, hand-drawn sketch, scours the web for photos that match and then turns them through an algorithm, putting a montage together.


Not only have they got the numbers, they’ve also got the smarts. PhotoSketch, created by a group of students in China just goes to show it’s going to be hard fight between Indian IT professionals and Chinese geniuses with regards to who will rule the world in the year 2030.

“Although online image search generates many inappropriate results, our system is able to automatically select suitable photographs to generate a high quality composition, using a filtering scheme to exclude undesirable images… We also provide a novel image blending algorithm to allow seamless image composition. Each blending result is given a numeric score, allowing us to find an optimal combination of discovered images. Experimental results show the method is very successful.” – Taken from an abstract by the PhotoSketch team made up of Tao Chen, Ming-Ming Cheng, Ping Tan, Ariel Shamir, and Shi-Min Hu.

Now you can swim with sharks, skinny dip, make out with a hobo – anything. This is truly the luck of the draw.


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