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A long time ago in 1975, there was a magazine that opened up an entire new frontier of technology to people everywhere, even to communities in countries like Japan (hello early Otakus!) and Turkey. Before closing down in circa1998, Byte magazine was an exceptionally influential microcomputer magazine because of its wide-ranging editorial coverage in computing fields such as small computers software, supercomputers and high-reliability computing. They outshone competitors which delivered content for the business user as these other magazines focused mainly on MS-DOS (PC) platform and Mac.

Byte’s reign was held throughout the 70s and 80s. Byte was published monthly, with a yearly subscription price of USD10.

BYTE Nov 1975

BYTE Nov 1976

BYTE Dec 1977

Visit out gallery to view some early covers, or relics even, of the magazine.

Image source: Digibarn

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