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Perking Up in Other Ways

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Instead of turning to boring old caffeine, switch it up a little and look to other perk centrals.

An article by Penny K

People who aren’t of the morning sorts may find waking up in the morning a chore, a royal pain in the butt, an overall misery. To overcome this morning misery, they turn to caffeine in coffee or tea only to feel more drained. Here are three other ways to wake those senses up:

1. Fruit juice vegetableJuice

I have a cup of fruit and vegetable juice freshly squeezed everyday. Two reds, two greens: carrots, tomatoes, celery and green apple. This is apparently the recipe for better bowel movement and digestion and really, a simple and refreshing way to begin the day. Have it cold to give you that extra perking up in addition to its slight tanginess and sweetness. All natural, tasty and healthy – this is a good one to count as a morning blessing.

Hate celery? Replace it with something else, cucumbers, even bitter gourd which is allegedly great for detoxing.

jolt2. “The Collective Jolt”

This phrase is used to describe the phenomena of trains coming to a sudden halt and everyone in heels stamping about in an imbalanced frenzy. The overall workout of having to find balance, have your eyes dart around in search of the nearest handle to grab and holding onto that handle for dear life pumps adrenaline all around. Since everyone coping with The Collective Jolt simultaneously can be quite a funny sight to behold, you might even find yourself breaking a smile which can induce endorphins for a happier, more perky you.

3. Runningjaywalking

Adrenaline gets your blood and heart pumping; anything that induces adrenaline is good. Running is one of the best. I don’t have the time to run in the morning so I make up for it when I jaywalk across roads. There’s an insanely big road that I cross daily and that gets my heart pumping. When I make it across that road alive I pump my fist up in the air: Yes! I made it across another day, alive!*

*This is meant tongue-in-cheek, Penny does not advocate jaywalking which can lead to accidents, or worse, death.

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