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Find Out What Teachers Make

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Teaching is a respectable job. Teaching requires talent, skill, and heart. In some cases the money isn’t in teaching but people still go into the job anyway because of the intangible perks they receive. They experience gratitude, development (in themselves and in the ones they coach) and are always presented with the chance to encourage students (of any and every age) to be the best that they can be.

Teachers can be disciplinary but they can also be an inspiration. It’s not an easy job. It takes guts to fill the shoes of a teacher. Many people don’t see what it takes to be a teacher and those who do, are teachers themselves. Disappointing, eh? Why can’t people believe that teaching IS a fruitful job?

But YAY for Taylor Mali! I totally dig how he supports teachers with this honest graphic.

Penny's Daybook - What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali

It’s a wake up call and I love it! Check out Taylor Mali’s talk on TED too.

Here’s to all the teachers out there. Keep on keeping on!  by Taylor Mali can be bought on Amazon.

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