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Travel Wellness and Beauty – Mmerci Encore

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I have this dictum that I always try to accomplish; that is to travel much and travel well. Yes, travel wellness and beauty top my vacation to-do list!

From getting on a flight to seeing night fall in a foreign country, are you pampering yourself while on the road too? When I’m done taking in beautiful sights or picking at local delicacies and craft, I always look forward to a good rest at the end of the day. So I came across Mmerci Encore – a site offering gorgeous wellness products made of fragrant essential oils, put together so intricately with love and care. The products are ideal for travellers!

Invigorating Facial Mist


Inhaling a soothing fragrance and a enjoying a light spritz is all you need to feel refreshed on your trips. Each spritz from the Invigorating Facial Mist is a delicate release of pure essential oils, chamomile and hazel extract. Yes, it is as luxurious as it looks and smells divine. I’ve tried a number of scented face mists but none were as memorable!

Pack it:

Chamomile extract is known to be a soothing agent – reducing skin irritation and swelling. Hazel extracts have similar anti-inflammatory properties and it locks in moisture and protects the skin from harsh sun rays. Packed with healing properties, both are natural defenders against bacteria. Skin irritation is at a low but please do consult a doctor is you are allergic to natural ingredients. A botanical combination set to refresh your skin on those long haul flights and a perfect pick me up after long walks of sightseeing!

60ml – A perfect, pretty carry on!

Awakening Organic Sugar Scrub

Penny's-Daybook-Travel-Wellness-beauty-Mmerci-Encore-Awakening-Organic-Sugar-Scrub Penny's-Daybook-Travel-Wellness-beauty-Mmerci-Encore-Awakening-Organic-Sugar-Scrub2

We all need a petite of tub of organic sugar crystal to scrub the weariness out of our tired limbs. This is a great travel companion should you ever require a quick DIY exfoliation treat in the comfort of your bath. It’s bottled as an aromatic concoction of detoxifying ginger, mandarin and geranium to lift your spirits after a long day outdoors. Your skin feels smoother and senses are rejuvenated.

Pack it:

Geranium has antiseptic properties and when inhaled, like its citrus counterpart, its aromatic affect on the mind helps to ease tension. Ginger stimulates your senses. What I’ve learnt on my travels is to always have an aromatic body scrub to with you – the benefits are potent! Pamper yourself by encouraging the natural flow of circulation within your body and relax your senses.

It takes a while to get used to the large sugar rocks, so use it sparingly and in small circular to get the best out of the scrub.

Glow Elixir


Imagine the scent of blood orange, bergamot and rose geranium essential oils filling breathing space! Tiny rubs from this compact bottle on your temples and wrists for relief can make your travel plans much more comfortable. Take this anywhere! On train rides, ferries or lounging in your hotel room. No hassle, just pure relief of botanic essential oils.

Pack it:

Bergamot is sweet, fruity and carries a warm spicy floral quality. Since scent is linked closely to memory, it’s an ideal fragrance to complement your Kodak moments! Blood orange and rose geranium have anti-depressant properties, creating a general balancing effect of your hormones and senses. Roll onto pulse points and little bottle of zen can help you relieve the anxiety and stress that may come from busy travel and overseas assignments.

Plus, this 8ml roll-on fits snugly in our back pockets!

Check out their store for other fetching wellness products. Remember – travel much, travel well!

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