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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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How many times have we been told to stop comparing our achievements with someone else’s success? Numerous.

How many times have we unintentionally disregarded the above comment and went ahead to do so? Countless.

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We all want to see improvement in ourselves and we all want to pass Go and collect $200. But comparisons make us focus on the wrong person and often enough, it results in resentment towards ourselves and others. Insecurities sure suck. But instead of getting distracted by meaningless measurements and unrealistic assessments, direct these thoughts to yourself:

  1. What is it that you could do today, that you couldn’t do months/years ago?
  2. How have your past actions and decisions helped you in moving on in life?
  3. What are the negative behaviours you’ve stopped engaging in?
  4. What are the positive behaviours that you’ve started to adopt?
  5. As compared to last year, how have you improved?

See the difference? Compare the new you, to the old you. There will be improvements. If there aren’t, be encouraged to do more. You can have someone to admire, someone to inspire you; but don’t take that someone as a strict measuring component. Celebrate your personal achievements no matter how small they may seem. Our successes, talents and skills are unique to ourselves – no one can be like you and thus, comparisons are inaccurate and often illogical.

So stop comparing yourself to others. Think about it – comparison – it’s something with no REAL metrics.  Self improvement is neither a race nor a test; it’s a goal and a promise to yourself to be better by improving according to your own capabilities.

“The shovel is bigger than the spoon, but it can never ever do the work the spoon does. They both look similar; they both have different sizes but one more thing not to forget is that “they are important in their own roles”! Each is unique! You are unique too. Take the lead!”
Israelmore Ayivor

Keep our hearts open, our minds free. Be happy with what you have. Be happy with YOU.

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