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2013: Keep your Resolutions

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Stay on track with your resolutions for 2013!

Last year, I shared with you the SMART way to create your resolutions (and I hope it worked for you). This year I’m providing you with 3 tips to make sure you keep on track!

21 Days to Make or Break a Habit / Log it!

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, but who really knows? What we do know is that if you repeat something often enough, the human brain will adapt and create those synaptic pathways. Now breaking a habit is a totally different ballgame and is slightly more complicated. What we can suggest is forming a new habit for your past triggers to a bad habit.

Think along the lines of having a piece of fruit instead of that chocolate bar when you feel like you need a snack or practicing deep breathing when you’re stressed instead of having a smoke.

Keep track of your daily/weekly habits and feel inspired by what you have managed to achieve so you keep on going! Buy this Weekly Habits Pad from retailer kikki.K.

Wanna go paperless? Head on over to



 Create a Vision/Action Board

This year, you’re really hitting the hard stuff and have some major goals that you want to achieve. What you can do to make it a daily reminder is to visualise this goal with a Vision Board.

This inspirational board is a collage of words and images that help to stimulate you into positively and actively thinking of this goal on a daily basis. So do keep your board in a place where you will see it every single day.

It’s a fun exercise to see what success looks like and is laden with words of affirmation and acknowledgement. All of us at Penny also add some action steps to our boards to make it a well-rounded testament.

All you need to do is rip up some old magazines and newspapers and get messy with some glue. If you don’t feel like getting your fingers sticky you can easily make one on Pinterest. Take a look at this  or head on over here to create an online vision board


 Surround yourself with positivity and hold yourself accountable

Tell people about your goals and what you wish to achieve. Your friends will help you keep track by asking you how the progress is going or if they’re really good friends, not fail to point out that you’ve been pushing it to the wayside. They can also be your own personal cheerleader when you hit a plateau or speed bump. Having an outlet is just as important as someone celebrating your milestones and accomplishments.

Hold yourself accountable with this network of support and be honest. Missing one workout session or having that one cigarette isn’t the end of the world, but they deserve to know so that they can help you keep on going. 

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