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Laugh of the Day: Punctuation Substitution

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Ever received those infuriating E-mails that make you want to compose a scornful reply? Raise your hands if you’ve ever did but never, ever had the guts to hit the “send” button. If so, take a moment to turn your life around with these screen caps of Ze Frank’s “Punctuation Substitution” video.

Aggravating E-mail

Punctuation Substitution

First thing that come to mind

Punctuation Substitution

Actual reply

Punctuation Substitution

But that’s not what you really want to say, is it? Now you can learn to apply the wonderful technique of “Punctuation Substitution” by using emoticons. This method allows you to increase your E-mail vocabulary and also to release that bottle of rage with a smile.

Punctuation Substitution

Follow this link to watch a very helpful clip on Communication Skills by Ze Frank to know how. You won’t be disappointed!

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