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7 Ways To Dress Up Small Balconies

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Balconies are extensions of your home; spaces that are constantly calling out for a makeover. To be fair, not all of us are blessed with a luxurious balcony with room to dance, run or probably even barbecue. With that thought in mind, small balconies are humble spaces shouldn’t be left bare or used as storage for stuff you don’t need (these go into recycling bins) and dead plants. So keep these spaces from looking neglected and dingy with these 7 simple tips on how to dress up your balcony.

Penny C wants to lounge about.

1. Theme It Up

    Balcony garden

    Pick a theme! This will give you a direction as you begin to get down and decorative. You could jazz it up café style with fun colours and a table cloth to match, or bring the fun to another level with wooden decorations and earth tones for those cool, relaxed vibes. For starters, here are some things to consider when grooming your balcony –

    –          Do you want it to match your living room?

    –          It’s a small space; use only furniture that you deem is essential to the theme. Don’t be everything to everybody.

    –          Plan your layout and measure the area to ensure your stuff fits; the deal is to de-clutter.

    –          Ensure that housekeeping is kept simple!

    2. Have A Seat

    Balcony garden 5Balcony garden 2

    Come rest outside and enjoy the breeze! The next thing on the list is to gather seats in your balcony. Make sure that the furniture is durable, waterproof and doesn’t take you forever to clean. This is a sure way to encourage friends and family to lounge about in the balcony more often. You can shop for:

    –          Simple wooden/plastic chairs

    –          Stools

    –          Multi-purpose storage benches

    –          Cushioned area on a raised platform

    Whichever you choose, make sure that you’ve got the space planned out nicely to fit other furnishings into your balcony.

    3. Table for Two

    balcony furniture

    Add an appropriately sized coffee table and see your space transform into a comfy haven for those quiet moments. Select tables that are big enough to hold a few cups with some space left for books – this does wonders to the look of your balcony.  If tables aren’t your thing, look at affordable trolleys available from storage and furniture stores.

    4. Plants

    Balcony garden 6

    What’s a balcony without greenery? Decorate with nature’s very own design elements of textures, colours, shapes and sizes. Colourful pots/cute pails offer an eclectic sight while plain, white ones flaunt a minimalistic cool. You can choose not to use space at all by hanging flower baskets or planters on balcony railings. Otherwise, pop those potted plants onto shelves.

    Visual tip: By using a theme or similar colours, it makes your balcony appear neater and less cluttered.

    5. Al fresco Art

    Balcony Peep

    Art’s swell; art adds style to a home. You’ve got them in the living room, bedroom and even in the bathroom. So why not bring them outdoors? Be it stone sculptures or hanging canvas pieces, opt for weather resistant ones that won’t discolour.  Placing art outdoors can also help conceal unsightly cracks or probably even hide a bad view (hey, you never know!).

    6. Splish, Splash..

    water balcony

    …the birds are taking a little bath! You don’t have to purchase a huge, gushing water fountain with the works to feel Zen. Get imaginative; lay coloured marbles or decorative gem stones around a nondescript table fountain. Alternatively, purchase a simple standing fountain and place plants in cool coloured pots around it (See useful point 5). Within moments, your balcony has become a cosy, serene retreat that’s a piece of the outdoors.

    7. Use it

    balcony seat

    When you’re done with all that work, grab a cuppa java and chill in your new, comfy, blinged up balcony. Just by adding a few key furniture pieces, you’ll find yourself spending more time in your balcony, soaking up the outdoors in the comfort of your own home.

    Image Sources: Apartment Therapy, fishstudios on flickr, Interior Designing Blog and City Dirt.

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    1. this is great! but i wish you provided links to where people could buy some of these things, most especially the white patio seat/shelf set up. the most frustrating thing in the world is to see something i like and want and not be able to find it and buy it!

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