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MV Tuesday: Jingle Jangle

  • SumoMe

One of our inspirations (besides Christmas obviously) and obsessions (read: Penny V), The Archies sang the song Jingle Jangle, in all its retro and wholesome glory.

The ArchiesOriginally broadcast on “The Archie Comedy Hour” in 1969 on CBS on Saturday mornings, this music segment would later be shown in the 1970 CBS prime time special “The Archie Sugar, Sugar / Jingle Jangle Show”.

The rest of the music segment was trimmed when “The Archies” went into syndication in 1976, resulting in the loss of all the song segments with the exception of “Sugar, Sugar”.

This particular song was pulled from the Ed Sullivan archives. In the original airing on “The Archie Comedy Hour”, Hot Dog introduces this music segment, stating that his heart felt all “jingle jangle” since meeting his girlfriend.

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