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Fight the Post Christmas Crazy

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By Denise Lee
Contributor for Penny’s Daybook

As remnants of wrapping paper remain festive on your floor and the (gloriously) rich food from Christmas breakfast-brunch-lunch-tea-dinner remind you it has firmly planted itself on your hips and tummy, here at Penny’s Daybook, we’re shoveling you out of the Post Christmas deflation! Here are five easy ways to keep the cheer a-ringing…

1. Post Christmas Sales:
Catch up on Post Xmas deals steals as major brands such as GUESS, La Senza, TOPSHOP, THE BODY SHOP, Adidas and Marks&Spencer slash prices (some by up to 50% !!)

ikea heartsikea napkins2.  Carrying the Décor Through the Year:
Who says you have to  give up touches of red and gold in your décor at home just because the Christmas Season is ending soon? Hang up these IKEA Kotte Hearts on your wall along a string, use these IKEA Klyight Napkins when you have guests over.  IKEA’s got a good sale going, so go grab these simple but cheery  items to add a touch of Xmas joy even as the seasons change!

3. Using Up Yummy Christmas Leftovers:salad
Extra ham or turkey in your fridge? Spuds by the pound going to waste? Try tossing a green salad with egg and strips of cold ham  or an open face turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato for a healthier twist to Christmas goodies.  Also, a good trick for potatoes is to microwave it with a little bit of chopped garlic and mixed herbs… or even bacon bits to add the little extra oomph!

4. Reminisce the Season:
Take a peek at some awesome Christmas pictures from around the world! What was your favourite Christmas memory of 2009?

xmas australia xmas indiaxmas russiaxmas switzerland

(From top row left): A revolving Christmas tree in Australia, the colourful markets of India, a stately silhouette of the season in Russia and and the picturesque Glacier Express in Switzerland.



5. Look Forward to the New Year:
Its barely a few days till we go into the double digits of the new millennium, so take a  couple of minutes to think about what the year has meant to you and about the new year to come! Thank the people who have helped you and loved you through the year and get rejuvenated for the challenges ahead!

Stay happy and healthy this post-Christmas season and the festive spirit will follow you through the year!

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