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There are an inexplicable amount of beauty beverages available in the market that almost claims to be the elixirs of beauty and health. Penny V snoops around to check some of them out.

Beauty BeveragesIt has been estimated that by 2010, the beauty beverage industry will grow to a US$1.30 billion market. Since the launch of beauty beverages such as Borba Skin Balance Water in US markets in 2005, it has created a niche market that has attracted numerous big players, such as Nestlé and Coca Cola.

It ranges from nutraceutical waters and sodas that purport benefits like anti-aging to modified teas that claim to help fight against fat. Or boost fat, if you’re talking about LoveBody, the brainchild of Coca Cola and Japanese make-up brand, Shiseido, which is said to help increase bust size. This potential market has stirred Coca Cola to develop another beauty beverage with L’Oreal called, Lumaé, a tea-based-skin-care drink that helps fight against the signs of ageing.

These beauty beverages are fortified with Vitamin E, fruit extracts and aloe vera, all of which can be found in natural foods. Other ingredients even include artichoke, green tea, probiotics and collagen. Looking at it all, I can’t help but think we’re just getting lazy to eat right and we’re spending millions of dollars on this particular part of the beverage industry that wouldn’t have evolved if we did not buy into its gimmicks.

Eat more of me!

Eat more of me!

Most of the ingredients found in these beauty beverages are found in natural foods such as fruit, soy and olive oil. If you’re looking at promoting collagen production, there are a number of foods that are high in lysine and proline; once you couple that with vitamin C (have an orange), you’re in production, baby. Green tea? I’ll buy you some tea bags, you get the water boiling.

The percentage of ingredients allocated into each drink that helps nourish and fight the good fight, are sometimes too small per serving, which compels you to buy more, when you could have gotten your recommended dose from having some fruit juice – do you see where I am going with this?

While it isn’t touted as a miracle and just a supplement to go along with your daily routine, is there really any scientific proof that these beauty beverages or other nutritional supplements in pill form, work?

Please do send us your thoughts if you’ve tried any beauty beverage that has worked wonders for you! We’d definitely like to test it out and feature it on Penny, so our readers can judge for themselves if it really makes a difference!

In the mean time, check out some of these drinks that seem to be rather popular at the moment:


Beauty BeveragesNestlé doesn’t just bring you sugary goodness in the form of cereals, confectionary and ice cream; it brings you a dietary supplement in the form of a beauty drink! This food and beverage giant now brings you Glowelle, which claims to have anti-aging properties that hydrates the skin. Available in two exotic flavours (raspberry jasmine and pomegranate lychee), it contains antioxidants and fruit extracts that nourish and help fight free radicals. At US$7 a pop, we do have to say that’s some pricey supplement.

nescafeAlso low in fat, every 20g serving of this coffee contains 200mg of collagen. Rather little compared to the 2, 600mg recommended by the FANCL Institute for any effect to take place. I’ve tried it and actually grew to like the taste, besides the fact that it smells a little off when you first open it. I’ve finished an entire pack and see no visible changes. If you’ve tried it, have you?

Borba Skin Balance Water

Beauty BeveragesSold only in beauty department stores like Sephora, this nutraceutical water promises to “slow the signs of aging within seven days” with its high doses of vitamins and minerals.

Dr Brandt Anti-Oxidant Water Booster

Beauty BeveragesApparently one drop of this booster is equivalent to 15 cups of decaffeinated green tea! With its anti-oxidants and grapeseed extract, it helps fight free radicals to help you maintain younger looking skin and improve vitality.

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