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My my! Mammia Mia, c’est de la musique!

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Tivoli Audio’s philosophy is to bring simple and sophisticated multimedia entertainment to supplement the eclectic interests of the audiophile. Built with a solid streaming audio system, here holds the awesome access key to enjoying a splendid buffet of international radio stations with almost no disruption at all.

A review by Penny C

Look ma, we're getting Brazilian sounds!

Look ma, we're getting Brazilian sounds!

Picture this – in a room where the lushness of royalty rests on silk linen and reflects upon polished silver and gold cutleries, an aesthetically humble apparatus sits by the throne and holds its place as the apple of the king’s eye. We’re talking about the Tivoli Audio Networks, baby! This stylish wooden audio, in all honesty, is a wide open entryway to international music online.

This impressive radio has the ability to connect to broadband and receive all kinds of music online and this trait is pure audio bliss. Online radio stations can be chosen on a basis of various options like geographical location and genre. Even with these two options alone, you’re flooded with streams of choices.

Unfortunately, what annoyed the most was the task of entering the required key for online connection. Pass this chore to someone and watch them curse under their breath; it’s not funny when you’ve got to go through the every alphanumeric character just to get hooked up with WiFi.

With a wooden exterior splashed with colours of rustic gold and modern black, Tivoli Audio Networks’ classic design is topped with minimal frills as it trickles with a silent allure. However, it’s easy to remember that without all the LCD goodness and buttons, it looks like a block of wood that’s good for some handy home DIY efforts. Aside from that, the pocket sized remote control is extremely thin and almost weightless; given that it’s only the average size of your everyday Oyster/Octopus/Ez-link cards. Alternatively, users can also coordinate between stations with the essential control buttons that can be found behind the radio block.

The Verdict
Other brands will be fast following the lead to create a tool that does the same as the Tivoli Audio Networks. Oh, and probably be sold at a more affordable price too. Tivoli, we’ll enjoy your novelty while it lasts.

The Bits:
Model: NetWorks™ Speaker
Type: Satellite speaker for use with NetWorks radio
Drivers: 3.5″ full range, magnetically shielded
Dimensions: 140mm x 222 mm x 130 mm
Weight: 1.715 kg

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