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Hong Kong: Faces on a Bus

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Grades or Glamour? Hong Kong’s private tuition centres take advertising seriously.

An article by Penny C

Though they’ve got a modest Disneyland, fairytale lovers still frolic along Main Street USA. As the nation’s very own marine themed attraction, Ocean Park is the big boy in global tourism school that threatens the other kids with a stick and the usual “Besides our land and water rides, we’ve got a hot air balloon ride, two roller coaster rides, a Ferris wheel and a lot more sea creatures than you so let’s see you beat that!” line before watching them put up an “under construction” sign in cowardice.

Tuition Kings

Tuition Kings

But besides its international attractions, massive shopping opportunities and lip smacking eateries, away from the spotlight is one of Hong Kong’s fascinating, yet seemingly normal everyday quirks – glory advertisements for private tuition centres.

Yup, they’re travelling around the island, splashed on to buses and trams like they’re proper models selling effectual skin products. This practice will either make you stare in bewilderment of gawk in amusement. Where else do they publicise tuition centres like they’re shopping malls? Come to Hong Kong and see larger than life images of tutors all made up and dressed in smart (probably starched too) formal suits with one arm folded and a hand on their chin, hyping up their private institutions based on how many star students they’ve got.

Faces on the Tram

Vogue, strike a pose

As a profitable industry where kids are encouraged to learn from revered tutors with archaic sounding names, there’s no doubt that these glamourous pro-education ads are unique to Hong Kong. We’re also to believe that these bright young faces plastered on buses backed with their portfolio, promise a good learning curve for students. The career decision to enter the country’s lucrative and alluring world of private tutoring will most likely bring you certain celebrity status.  These tutors are not required to sing, dance nor act, but they definitely have to perform.

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