The Mighty Boosh Crimps – The Complete Collection

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“Come with us now to a journey through time and space, through a world of imagination!” That line will be familiar to many avid Boosh followers to share the joy of crimping to the rest of the world; we’re featuring the complete collection of Crimps!

What’s a Crimp?

A crimp s a type of humorous  but nonsensical song sung in acappella. Its scat style features lyrics that are rhythmically similar to beatboxing.

Who created Crimping?

The Mighty Boosh aka Julian Barratt (left) and Noel Fielding (right).

Who are they?

They are awesome comedians and co-writers of the The Mighty Boosh. Julian Barratt plays Howard Moon while Noel Fielding plays Vince Noir. Other characters include –

Bollo (played by Dave Brown), an inept yet immensely strong anthropomorphic ape.

Naboo the Enigma (played by brother of Noel, Michael Fielding), a freelance shaman with the ability and knowledge of many spells; and is also a recreational drug user and a drug dealer.

Bob Fossil (played by Rich Fulcher), the manager of the Zooniverse and zoo owner Dixon Bainbridge’s right-hand man.

I don’t understand it! Why is Penny featuring it?


Can I put The Mighty Boosh in my jacket pocket and take it to a meeting?

Not really, but if you’ve got a mighty fine and sturdy jacket pocket for The Pocket Book of Boosh, go ahead! Visit The Pocket Book of Boosh for a video introduction of the book.

The Pocket Book of Boosh 2009 Glasgow signing

Snap Shot review

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